Aries RB Tumblin' Dice


2016 Linear Appraisal VVE 88 

2018 Linear Appraisal VEE 90




Sire:  SG Piddlin' Acres BRS Reboot +B


(Piddlin' Acres BO Bo's Rock Star SGCH/MCH Piddlin Acres V Tessa’s Boots 2013 LA VEEE FS90 )


Dam: Dill's XM I Got Rythm


MI Sugar Creek TW Tunes XM x *S/+*B x Dill's BH My Fair Lady)


The worth of a buck is what they put on the ground.   I have heard that time and time again.  If that is the truth then Dicey is well on his way to proving his worth.  His first two Daughters have now been appraised and had wonderful scores.  The traits that his daughters scored excellent in are as follows. 


Aries TD Lady Luck *M E in General appearance, E in shoulders, E in Back and V in rump

SG Aries TD Mirror Image *M V in General Appearance E in shoulders, E in Back and E in rump.

Dicey needs one more doe to earn her star to be a +B buck he has a daughter in another herd who is on test as of this 2019 spring who milked 3.1 # as a first freshener for her first test.  If she can keep that up he will have it this year!  Yay!!

Dicey is another buck here that is paying it forward.   He is putting exactly the traits that I am looking for on these girls.   I am very excited to see how his daughters mature over the years.  For now I'll Take it!  



Dicey is throwing long angulated and very dairy junior does.  Looking forward to seeing how they freshen!  

Dicey's daughter Aries TD Diamonds Are forever earned her dry leg with a Grand Champion and Best in Show win in Corsicana!  

Go Dicey!



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