FOR SALE: $2000
Aries P Carpe Deim *B
 Sire : Creekwood Acres Picasso
(Southlake Hung the Moon x SG Newbellwether RR Mini Pearl 4*M VEEE 90)
Dam: CH Aries RR Cauldron 5*M VEEE 91
(Deb P's Red River +B VEE 90 x SGCH Aries TKY Sea Breeze 4*M VVEV 89)





This buck just Ooooozes Dairy Strength and character. From the long bone pattern throughout to the angulation, spring of rib and flatness of bone that I feel when I put my hands on him, and we can't forget his lovely wrinkles.  At only 18 months I am thrilled with how he is maturing. Carpe Deim combines some of the very best of the animals that I have bred to date.  Two of my best udders and excellent structure all in one package!  You can bet that I will be chomping at the bit to use him and find out what he throws!  This breeding was a heavy linebreeding on SG Beaujest Cairo's Siren Song 3*M who has been the most influential Dam thus far in my herd.  Deb P's Red River +B  genetics were also heavily linebred in this breeding as he was the sire of both the Dam and the Granddam!  Exciting!  I sure think so!





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