Harlequin BJ Creme Brule  5*M          



​​Sire: Castle Rock Blue Jay

(CRF Castle Rock Harvest Moon x CH AGS Cloverdale YJ Blue Raven)


Dam: Harlequin Dippin' Dots 4*M

(Beaujest KW Lucky Charms x Ch Agape Oaks GL Cookies and Cream 3*M)


2015 Linear Appraisal VVEV 87   2016 Linear Appraisal VVEV 89 2017 Linear Appraisal +EVV 86

2018 Linear Appraisal VEVE 91

Houston Livestock Show 2017 Reserve Champion


DHIA Records

Creme came to me as a newly weaned 8 week old baby.  She has been a total sweetheart from day one and I have just Loved watching her mature into the beautiful productive animal that she has become.  She earned her milk star this year and has a will to milk.  Creme consistently puts over a quart per milking into the pail month after month.  She freshened in early October and the full body shot photo's were taken in early June.  No stale udder on this girl!  Crème appraised at 5years and 5 months with an E in back and Rump! 

Baby Creme

Creme as a yearling

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