LBug's CC Elsa 4*M
Sire: Dill's RD Cat Call
(NC PromisedLand MS River Dance +*B x Dill's D Kitten Kabootle)
Dam: Tx Twincreeks EN Angelica 3*M
(Tx Twincreeks E Edge of Night +B x SGCH Tx Twincreeks WDF Sarafina 2*M)
2017 Linear Appraisal ++++ 81 2018 Linear Appraisal VV+V 87
DHIA Records
 I brought Elsa into the Aries herd for two reasons. Number one was that she brought SGCH NC PromisedLand Macarena 5*M back into my herd with a different Sire.  Reason number two is that I liked the look of her length of body and cute FF udder and felt that she would fit in well with my breeding program.  Elsa  easily earned her milk star and her udder is buttery soft and teats easily express the milk,  what a pleasure it is to hand milk this girl.  She will be joining my show girls for 2019 and with that capacious mammary and length of body I feel that she will do well.  She needs a bit more depth to her body and hopefully that will come with this coming freshening.  Elsa appraised with an E back and a V rump that I feel will mature into an E Rump.  Elsa was Reserve Champion at the 2020 Houston Livestock Show!

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