Harlequin B S'more *B





Sire: Dill's TS Banjo *B
(Dill's D Two Step x SGCH MCH Dill's XM  Keena 4*M 2014 LA EEEE 92)

Dam: SG CH/MCH Harlequin RB Pecan Praline 1*M 2015 LA EEEE 90

(Piddlin' Acres SG Reboot +B x MCH/CH Agape Oaks GL Cookies and Cream)


This boy puts just about all the genetics I have on my farm in one super long super wide package!


UPDATE: His first daughters Aries S Arabesque won her Champion Dry leg and Aries S C'Est La Vie was reserve Champion at the Decatur Doe Down   

UPDATE:  S'more now has 6 yes SIX animals in his pedigree on the ELITE Buck or Doe list for 2017

Banjo, Keena, Pecan Praline and Agape Oaks Cookies and Cream.  His littermate sister is also on the ELITE list!!   And Finally Candy Cane his maternal Aunt!  Woo Hoo Go S'more!


Udder shots courtesy of Cynthia Wickliffe

Here are two of S'mores daughters Arabesque and C'est La Vie






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