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About us ...

Nestled in the piney woods of SE Texas we have a medium sized herd of purebred Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. Our goats are registered with ADGA and we are working on AGS registrations as well..  We are seeking to breed true to the standards established by the American Dairy Goat Association, which of course, means correct conformation and very dairy characteristics.  


We are ADGA Plus members which means that we participate in the ADGA performance programs.   Showing is one way we prove our animals, these results are augmented by two very important programs that ADGA offers.  We host Linear appraisal in order to evaluate the structural strengths and weaknesses of each animal. We also participate in Milk Testing which measures their performance in the milk pail through volume, butterfat and protein components.

As a breeder I am heavily focused on correct structure and excellent milk production.  I have begun to see real results in the structure of Aries goats and can now say that every doe in my breeding program has an E or V back or Rump some have both E backs And rumps!  I am very proud of this accomplishment as Nigerians biggest fault is their rump structure.   Correct back structure is also a goal I had early on.  A long wide back means a longer animal which correlates to increased capacity.  Increased capacity helps in carrying kids without crowding the organs of the doe- and in increased milk production!   

The Aries herd does are also proving themselves in the milk pail through Milk test with every doe that has been on test earning her Milk star and in some cases her Superior Genetics award.

Permanent Champions as of Dec. 2020

SGCH Aries TKY Sea Breeze 4*M

SGCH New Bellwether RR Mini Pearl 4*M

SGCH Aries RR Cauldron 5*M

GCH Aries KS Lilly of the Valley *M

GCH Little Gifts Farm Crimson 4*M

GCH Aries P Charisma 5*M

GCH Aries KS Forever Grateful 4*M 

Does that have a Champion Leg

Aries TKY Evening Tide 5*M- Needs one more

Aries S Arabesque 4*M - Needs one more

Aries P Shut up and Kiss Me 4*M Needs two more



Take a look around and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.  Aries Nigerians can also be found on Facebook.




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