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SGGCH Aries TKY Sea Breeze 4*M
2021 AGS Classification EX 92.3
2016 Linear Appraisal +VVV 87 2017 Linear Appraisal VEVV 89  2018 Linear Appraisal VVEV 89
Sire: Proctor Hill Farm BO Tekillya +*B

(Sire: NC Promisedland RB Bolero*S Dam: SGCH Spring Fever Calista *M *DAR VEEE90)

Dam: SG Beaujest Cairo's Siren Song3*M
(Sire: AGS Lost Valley TB Cairo *B Dam: Tx Twincreeks Sea Nymph 2*M)
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DHIA Records

Breezy is a lovely long bodied doe whose chocolate and white color pattern is quite striking.  Her udder as a first freshener is beautifully attatched with large easily milkable teats.  Her udder texture and teat placement are a definite improvement over her mother.   

Definitely one to watch!

Breezy was the 2017 Houston Livestock Show Senior Doe Grand Champion Winner!  

She finished her Championship with back to back wins one week apart 2018 at the Fort Worth Spring Fling and then at Decatur Doe Down! I Love this Doe!  Breezy appraised with E's in head, front legs, back and Rump for her 2018 appraisal! honestly what's Not to like about this stunning girl!



Breezy winning her second leg Spring Fling 2018

Houston Livestock Show

HLSR 2017 first Champion leg

Decatur Doe Down

Final leg of Permanent Championship with Best Udder!


Produce of Dam winner with half sister Mini Pearl

Decatur Doe Down

Supreme Produce of Dam

Decatur Doe down

2nd place Dairy Herd in all three rings!

Fort Worth

On the Move

Breezy 1st freshening

Houston Livestock show First Freshening

FF udder rear_edited

First Freshening udder


First Freshening with Cauldron

Easily milkable teats!

Beautiful teat size

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Dam: SG Beaujest Cairo's Siren Song 3*M 

2014 Linear Appraisal VEVV 88

 (Permanent Score)

Sire and Sire's Dam.

Proctor Hill Farm BO Tekillya +*B and

SGCH Spring Fever Calista *M *DAR VEEE 90


Sire's dam photo courtesy of Addie Peppoli

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