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SGCH Aries TKY Evening Tide 5*M AR


Sire: Proctor Hill Farm BO Tekillya +*B

(NC Promisedland RB Bolero *B x SGCH Spring Fever Calliste *M )



Dam: New Bellwether RR Soaring Seas 4*M

(Deb P's Red River x SG Beaujest Cairo's Siren Song 3*M


2017 Linear Appraisal +EV+ 84               2019 Linear Appraisal EEEV 90


DHIA Records


2019 ELITE Doe List





I just love this doe's long level topline.  Eve freshened with a gorgeous socked on udder!   If she milks like her Grand dam and her mother she will be one of the heaviest producers on the farm.  Go Eve! 

Eve picked up a reserve at the Memorial Classic in Brenham Tx.  May 2016 very proud of my girl! 

Eve continues to develop into a powerhouse of a milker easily earning her milk star on a one day test. 

She was reserve Champion at the Hamilton Show at 30 days fresh. 

Eve won Grand Champion Best in Breed and Best in Show at the 2019 Memorial Classic Dairy Goat Show 2019!  Way to go Eve! 

In 2020 Eve was Grand Champion at ten months fresh!  This girl has a will to milk!

Eve has also been Reserve Champion three times!  One more Grand and she will be finished!

Evening Tide finished her permanent Championship in Style with her second Best in Show win at Nine years old and eight months fresh!  

Eve winning Best in Show at 9 years old!

Eve winning Best in Show at 9 years old!!

Fourth Freshening

Eve winning Best in Show!

Eve winning Grand Champion Best in Breed and Best in Show Memorial Classic 2019

Reserve Champion and Best 5 yr and up Udder !
Reserve Champion at Hamilton

Ringside shot Hamilton Legends

Aries TKY Evening Tide *5M

Ringside Houston Livestock Show

Eve first Freshening

fourth freshening udder

Eve First Freshening

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Sire and Sire's Dam.

Proctor Hill Farm BO Tekillya +*B and

SGCH Spring Fever Calista *M *DAR VEEE 90

Sire's dam photo courtesy of Addie Peppoli

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