Aries R Reflections in Blue  *B
 Sire : Aries R Ramblin River
(Deb P's Red River x Dill's XM I Got Rythm 1*M)
Dam: SG Aries TD Mirror Image 1*M
(Aries RB Tumblin Dice +*B x New Bellwether RR Carbon Copy)





Blue is the result of another line breeding on Dill's I Got Rythm and Deb P's Red River.  He is long and very dairy.  I lost his mother to a terrible illness when she was only two years old.  In my quest to breed structurally correct Nigerians I decided to keep him intact and see what he throws.  His Mother, Image  appraised with E's in Shoulders, Back and Rump the only goat in my herd thus far to do so.    I am counting on Blue to pass these same traits on to his progeny.  She also Milked 865# in her first lactation and earned her SG status.  I am looking forward to seeing this guys babies on the ground! 





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