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        SG Beaujest Cairo's Siren Song 3*M    
                         5/13/2009 - 4/2/2018












Sire: AGS Lost Valley TB Cairo ++*B
(AGS Lost Valley Tae-Bo ++B  x AGS Goodwood Sisley)
Tae-Bo was the 2009 AGS National Champion Buck



Dam: Tx Twincreeks CAS Sea Nymph 2*M


(Piddlin' Acres Bobbys Cassanova x AGS Twin Creeks Fantasea *M)


        2014 Linear Appraisal VEVV 88

                  (Permanent Score)

Siren Now has 3 daughters who are finished Champions!  








Siren third freshening

Siren third freshening

third freshening

third freshening



Siren and babies

Siren and babies

I lost Siren Song April 2 2018 to liver cancer.  She leaves behind a legacy of fantastic daughters and grand daughters and will be sorely missed.
Her daughter SGCH Aries TKY Sea Breeze *4M VVEV 89 is my first finished champion ! Breezy earned a classification score of 92,3 EX !! 
SGCH New Bellwether RR Mini Pearl*4M VEEE 90 is now a finished Champion.
GCH Little Gifts Farm Crimson is now a permanent Champion!  Crimson earned a Linear appraisal score of VEEE91!!
Granddaughter SGCH Aries RR Cauldron *5M has earned Permanent Champion Status  with two  BEST in Show wins. She Champion Challenged successfully three times and now has a total of Six Best of Breed wins!
Cauldron also earned a VEVE 90 as a first freshener a VEEE 91 as a second and  milked 965# of milk her first lactation!
Cauldron won our breed club Total Performer Award! (Finished Champion, LA Score of 90 or higher and Above average milk production )
Little Gift Farm Crimson was first in many of the rings she competed in and picked up a reserve at the 2019 Summer Shimmy.  Crimson also won a Best two year old Udder Award at that show under judge Betty Henning.(Doeling from when I stupidly sold Siren Thank God I got Siren back!)
Siren's granddaughter  SG Aries TKY Evening Tide 5*M EEEV 90 won a Senior Champion Leg with a Best in Show!  Eve also milked over 1,000 pounds and was on the 2019  Elite Doe list. 
Her last daughter Aries KS Forever Grateful picked up her Junior Champion leg Spring 2019 at the Summer Shimmy in Decatur. Forever picked up her second Championship leg in Style with a BEST UDDER in SHOW award under judge Karen Akers Smith! 
Below are some photo's of daughters and grand daughters. 

(Click on Photographs for a larger view)


Aries KS Forever Grateful 4*M

Best Udder in Show!


GCH Little Gifts Farm Crimson

SGCH New Bellwether RR Mini Pearl *4M Grand Champion Spring Fling 2018

SG New Bellwether Mini Pearl *M

SGCH New Bellwether RR Mini Pearl *4M Spring Fling 2018 4th freshening

SGCH Aries TKY Sea Breeze

SGCH Aries TKY Sea Breeze Best Udder and finished her permanent Chamionship Decatur Doe Down 2018


SGCH Aries RR Cauldron 5*M Winning the Houston Livestock Show 2019


Aries RB Angel in Disguise Reserve Champion win


Little Gifts Farm Crimson winning Reserve 2019 Summer Shimmy


Aries KS Forever Grateful in the ring

Mini Pearl and Sea Breeze

Superior Produce of Dam

2nd place Dairy Herd all three rings

All but one of these is a Siren daughter or grand daughter.

Aries TD Diamonds Are Forever

Grand Daughter winning Junior Champion and Best in Show!

Eve winning Best in Show!

SG Aries TKY Evening Tide 5*M winning Best in Show!

Last babies

Aries KS Forever Grateful is in the back. Her buck kid resides at Eden's Lilly Farm

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