Dill's XM I Got Rhythm             
         3/26 /2011


Sire: MI Sugarcreek TW Tunes XM *S/+*B
(MI Sugarcreek NT Tight Wad +B X GCH AGS Sugar Creeks PT Show Tunes)


Dam: Dill's BH My Fair Lady

AGS Promisedland CP Bounty Hunter x AGS Dill's LD Lady Luck)


​​       2015 Linear Appraisal V+V+ 83

Rhythm is a beautiful doe who injured her leg somewhere on her journey to my farm.  I can't show her but I can tell you that she is by far one of my nicest does and hands down my favorite to milk.  The milk just comes pouring out of her large orifices and with nice sized teats she is truly a dream to milk.  She short cycled on me last year and I lost a ton of production otherwise she would have her milk star award.  We will make it happen this year though!  I have two of her boys and one daughter who I have high hopes for.  Of course the moonspots don't hurt either ;)

Aries RB Tumblin' Dice

2015 Linear Appraisal VVE 88

2018 Linear Appraisal VEE 90

Aries RR Ramblin' River

Aries RR Wicked

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