Junior Bucks


Aries P Carpe Deim *B
 Sire : Creekwood Acres Picasso
(Southlake Hung the Moon x SG Newbellwether RR Mini Pearl 4*M VEEE 90)
Dam: CH Aries RR Cauldron 5*M VEEE 91
(Deb P's Red River +B VEE 90 x SGCH Aries TKY Sea Breeze 4*M VVEV 89)





This little guy  combines some of the very best I have bred to date.  Two of my best udders and excellent structure (including an E and a V rump and backs on the dam and granddam) all in one package!  You can bet that I will be chomping at the bit to use him and find out what he throws!  This breeding was a heavy linebreeding on SG Beaujest Cairo's Siren Song 3*M who has been the most influential Dam thus far in my herd.  Deb P's Red River genetics were also heavily linebred in this breeding as he was the sire of both the Dam and the Granddam!  Exciting!  I know!!





Aries R Reflections in Blue  *B
 Sire : Aries R Ramblin River
(Deb P's Red River x Dill's XM I Got Rythm 1*M)
Dam: SG Aries TD Mirror Image 1*M
(Aries RB Tumblin Dice +*B x New Bellwether RR Carbon Copy)





Blue is the result of another line breeding on Dill's I Got Rythm and Deb P's Red River.  He is long and very dairy.  I lost his mother to a terrible illness when she was only two years old.  In my quest to breed structurally correct Nigerians I decided to keep him intact and see what he throws.  His Mother, Image  appraised with E's in Shoulders, Back and Rump the only goat in my herd thus far to do so.    I am counting on Blue to pass these same traits on to his progeny.  She also Milked 865# in her first lactation and earned her SG status.  I am looking forward to seeing this guys babies on the ground! 





Aries SJ Hanami
 Sire : Dragonfly KA Shaman's Journey
(Dragonfly KA Mighty King Asa x Dragonfly HFX Electrum)
Dam: Aries KS Lilly of the Valley
(MCH/CH Proctor Hill Farm KA Kingspear +B  x Aries TKY Hyacinth)





Hanami (Japanese for the tradition of enjoying the cherry bloosoms ) is a super dairy well angulated little guy who will breed well with all of the Kingspear progeny that call Aries their home.  With her lovely structure and that beautiful productive udder his dam will go far in the Goat world.  The future is looking bright indeed for the Aries herd! 





Aries KS Paint the Town
 Sire : MC/CH Proctor Hill Farm KA Kingspear
(Dragonfly KA Mighty King Asa x Proctor Hill Farm BO Mercedes)
Dam: Rustic Moon R Mardi Gras
(Proctor Hill Farm BO Tekillya +B  x Creekwood Acres KitKat 2*M)





Paint the Town has the genetics of almost all of the bucks that have contributed to the Aries herd to date.  Deb P's Red River +B, Proctor Hill Farm BO Tekillya +B, and of course  MC/CH Proctor Hill Farm KA Kingspear +B
These bucks have given me many Champions and Superior Genetic awards along with plenty of milk even a Doe on the Elite list and another who qualified for the hard to achieve the ANDDA Total Performer Award!  His structure is great and I can already see the he will have that E rump that his sire had and that he passed down to his daughters. The blue eyes don't hurt his general appearance either I like some bling as long as I have the structure I am aiming for.  With the tightly attatched and perfect teat placement of his dam's udder this boy is sure to throw some awesome daughters himself!   





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