Valerie Pearson Cannaday Breezy and Mini Pearl for 2020.

Brittany Brisco for Breezy or Mini doe

Deborah Florey Carpe Deim kids

Kay Kay taylor for Kissme and Contessa Does

Whitney Brown for Lady Luck

Christy Taylor  Cauldron buckling  or Breezy Buckling

Grahm for Mini or Cauldron doeling - Breezy?

Amanda Schaefer Breezy Buck

Jennifer Bowman Mini or Cauldron buck

Valerie Byers for Breezy buckling or Eve Buckling

Linda Lord for Eve and Breezy kids

Katie Dean for Cauldron doe - $1500

Mathew Hugo ( ) Mini Pearl Daughter

Rylee Pogue - Forever Grateful doeling.

Rusty  (Clovis) Crimson buck or Doe also Cauldron and Mini 

Ayla Baugh Mini Doe 

Jacy O'Neil White Lilly Buckling

Monty Lady Breezy or Mini doeling Mardi

Teena Eve Buckling

Anna Ashburn Pirouette and Lady

Donna Doeling out of Mardi Touch of Class, Pirouette, Shut up and Kiss me

Gretchen Classy, Crimson, Eve

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